Table 4

Characteristics of focus group participants (n=12) and interview participants (n=11)

Participant categoryMedian age (range)Sex, % female (female:male)Seniority, % senior (senior:junior)Median years at hospital (range)
Project nurse (n=12)27 years (22–53)83 (10:2)Not applicableNot applicable
Hospital nurse (n=8)46 years (28–56)100 (8:0)50 (4:4)9 years (4–28)
Hospital doctor (n=3)44.5 years (37–48)100 (3:0)67 (2:1)7 years (4–14)
  • NB: Project nurses were employed by our project and embedded in the participating hospitals. Hospital nurses and doctors were local staff who received no payment from our project.