Postoperative factorsData factors
Discharge pathwayOutpatient surgeryDatabase typeAdministrative
Same-day admissionRetrospective collection
Inpatient surgeryProspective collection
Dedicated surgical outcomes registry
Postoperative surveillance for complicationsNursing availability and level of trainingRisk adjustment methods
Provider: patient ratioCrude measures reported
Frequency of physician assessmentsRisk-adjusted outcomes reported
Availability of diagnostic testingRisk-stratified outcomes reported
Ability to rescue after complicationsAvailability of preoperative careDefinition of POMRIntraoperative deaths
Availability of intravenous antibioticsDeaths within 24 hours of surgery)
Availability of blood bankInpatient deaths
Availability of image-guided interventions30 day deaths
Availability of critical care beds>30 day deaths
Availability of ventilatorsDeaths attributable to surgery versus all-cause deaths
Availability of dialysisPatients, procedures, or surgical admissions as denominator
Availability of cardiac interventions