Table 3

Definitions of perioperative mortality rate

Number of papers (%)
 Clearly defined455 (46.2)
 Inpatient/hospital mortality (assumed for all studies lacking clear definition)703 (71.4)
 Inpatient/hospital mortality, within 30 days of procedure13 (1.3)
 30-day mortality202 (20.5)
 Mortality within 30 days or same hospitalisation32 (3.3)
 7-day mortality3 (0.3)
 Intraoperative mortality14 (1.4)
 24 hours mortality4 (0.4)
 Other14 (1.4)
 Multiple24 (2.4)
 Number of patients969 (98.4)
 Number of procedures16 (1.6)
  • Most studies did not explicitly state the timeframe during which deaths accrued. For those studies lacking clear time definitions, deaths were assumed to accrue during the index hospitalisation alone.