Table 1

Summary of HSS interventions implemented in Ifanadiana district between 2014 and 2016, classified by building block of HSS* affected. These included the PIVOT intervention at all three levels of care in its initial catchment area, the PAUSENS project at the primary care level and the Mikolo project at the community health level. Details of each intervention are provided in the main text and online supplementary appendix S1

Level of careIfanadiana district (PIVOT catchment+RoD)
District hospital
Total Ifanadiana: 1
(1) Network of three ambulances for referrals and emergency care; infrastructure renovations, provision of medical and non-medical equipment, including full laboratory capacity; social support for vulnerable patients
(2) Staffing of health workers to reach MoH norms; trainings for medical staff
(3) Creation of a hospital-based Monitoring and Evaluation team to follow-up progress of activities
(4) Supply chain management and reduction of stock-outs
(5) Cost of outpatient and inpatient care fully covered for referred patients
(6) Creation of a joint PIVOT-MoH executive committee for hospital management and transparency