Table 4

Summary statistics of the selected indicators from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) included in the analysis

Delivered at a facilityBaby weighed at birth if delivered at a facilityReceived postnatal care within one week of birth* Sought treatment at a facility for a child’s feverSought treatment at a facility for a child’s diarrhoea*Sought treatment at a facility for a child’s cough†
N=70 620N=38 815N=20 015N=37 791N=16 739N=2883
Outcome44 5746336 4919415 4547720 4555466734076727
SIA dummy=12149311063714439751117781138013
Urban21 3773015 4754068373412 5843355683368524
Mother’s level of education
 None26 8933812 4183271083678752133582077227
 Primary26 6243814 3443769843517 72247823849151653
 Secondary or higher17 1032412 0533159233012 1943251433159521
Wealth quintile
 Poorest18 3972671301850532511 3603053953257020
 Poorer15 7792277952044882289202439142362222
 Middle13 7441978462038261975742032852059321
 Richer12 2781780662135911858281524981563022
 Richest10 4221579782130571541091116471046816
  • SIA dummy=1 indicates overlap with dates of SIAs.

  • *Only DHS surveys.

  • †Only MICS surveys.

  • SIA, supplementary immunisation activity.