Table 1

Price for one full adult course of miltefosine treatment

Price policyPrice per full course§Period coveredRemark
Preferential price for the public or non-for-profit sector in developing countries€45–55 (US$54–64)*2002–2008Price varied based on quantity purchased; minimum order quantity (MOQ) was imposed
€80–110 (US$94–130)2009–2014
€100–140 (US$117–164)†2016 onwardsNo MOQ, but price still varied based on quantity
Market price EU€3000–120002012Direct order to the producer/distributor
Market price USUS$33000-51000‡2016
  • *This is the original price aimed for in the agreement between WHO and Asta Medica (1995) and published officially in the latest WHO Control of Leishmaniasis guidelines (2010).

  • †Price quoted by Knight Therapeutics for purchase by non-profit organisations Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

  • ‡For 28 caps ( With the recommended dose, in the USA a patient weighing >45 kg needs 50 mg thrice daily, total 84 capsules.

  • §One full adult course of miltefosine monotherapy uses one pack containing 56 caps. The recommended dose is 2.5 mg/kg daily for 28 days (roughly 50 mg capsule twice daily for adults weighing >25 kg).