Table 1

Details of the calls made to ‘108’ service for pregnant women

Use of ambulanceAndhra PradeshHimachal Pradesh
Transported using ambulance, 
n=582, %
Ambulance assigned but not used, 
n=215, %
Ambulance not assigned, 
n=74, %
Transported using ambulance, 
n=615, %
Ambulance not assigned, 
n=111, %
Relationship of the caller with the pregnant women
 Parents/parents in-law19.517.719.016.319.8
 Siblings/siblings in-law21.626.521.716.519.8
 Other relative/friend6.710.78.18.514.4
 Community health worker/staff at health centre14.810.213.511.28.1
Person who suggested to call ‘108’ for ambulance
  Referred by community health worker10.56.515.115.15.4
  Referred by staff at health centre4.
Reason for calling ‘108’
 Routine antenatal check-up2.
 Antenatal with complication4.
 Normal labour pains89.888.495.990.794.6
 Labour with complication3.
 Postdelivery with complication0.
 Routine postdelivery check-up0.
Obstetric emergency at the time of call to ‘108’7.4***5.4***
  • Additional 7*, 30** and 2*** answered yes when asked a separate question for  the presence of any complication at the time of call and which was a reason for call to ‘108’.