Table 2

Obstetric details and outcomes among pregnant women who called ‘108’

Use of ambulanceAndhra PradeshHimachal Pradesh
Transported using ambulance, 
n=582, %
Ambulance assigned but not used, 
n=215, %
Ambulance not assigned, 
n=74, %
Transported using ambulance, 
n=615, %
Ambulance not assigned, 
n=111, %
High risk in current pregnancy22.217.718.927.018.9
Early complication in current pregnancy16.
Obstetric emergency at time of call to ‘108’
Any high risk/complication/emergency36.430.224.341.035.1
Not transported to any hospital (delivered at home or stabilised)0.043.712.20.00.9
Type of hospital pregnant woman was taken to (% of transported)
 Government primary health centre26.529.824.63.10.9
 Government community health centre15.810.720.010.73.6
 Government subdistrict/district hospital45.528.
 Private clinic/hospital12.231.415.41.02.7
Mode of delivery
 Did not deliver within the period of follow-up7.
 Lost to follow-up0.
Caesarean rate (% of all delivered)23.113.819.413.314.0
Death of the pregnant women during transfer or within 28 days of transfer0.
Intrauterine death/child born dead (% of all delivered)
Death of the newborn within 28 days (% of all live births)