Table 1

Examples of messages

Advice on diet and to avoid alcoholSmoking, illegal drugs and alcohol are all dangerous for you and your baby. Now is a good time to give up if you can. Ask for help at the clinic.
Warning signs that indicate to the mother that she should present at the clinicSpotting or light bleeding is worrying but common in pregnancy. If you have heavy bleeding or bleeding with pain, contact your clinic immediately.
Information on the development of the fetus or the child once bornYour baby’s heart and brain are forming already. Take the pills from the clinic each day to help your baby grow well. They are free!
Reminders to go to the clinic at different stages of the pregnancy and once the child is bornGo to the clinic for a check-up. Clinic staff will weigh your baby and test her for HIV if necessary. If you know early on, your baby can get the best care.
Suggestions about preparations or activities that will make it easier for the motherGet the things you will need for the birth – sanitary pads, pyjamas and wash things. Put them in a bag so you can go straight to the hospital when labour starts.
Support around social or context issuesIt’s not OK if your partner or anyone hits or yells at you. You have the right to seek help. Talk to a friend or a health worker for advice.