Table 1

Receipt of antenatal care (ANC) components (percentage and mean) among women who used ANC, by country

CountrySubset of ANC users by number of visits and timing of first visitAll six components routinely measured*Country-specific components measuredAll components measured
% with allMean # receivedNumber measured% with allMean # received
Democratic Republic of Congo1+ (=any ANC)21.8%3.9Maternal weight, maternal height, malaria prophylaxis914.0%5.8
4+ visits; 1 st trimester31.5%4.321.4%6.4
8+ visits; 1 st trimester29.8%4.419.5%6.4
Nigeria1+ (=any ANC)45.9%4.9Intestinal parasites, malaria prophylaxis810.3%5.8
4+ visits; 1 st trimester54.3%5.210.9%6.1
8+ visits; 1 st trimester62.3%5.411.5%6.3
Rwanda1+ (=any ANC)34.6%4.8Intestinal parasites, malaria prophylaxis81.9%5.4
4+ visits; 1 st trimester41.3%5.02.5%5.7
8+ visits; 1 st trimester
Zambia1+ (=any ANC)30.8%4.9Maternal weight, intestinal parasites, HIV counselling/testing, birth preparedness, birth plan, birth plan complications, birth plan assistance, malaria prophylaxis1422.2%12.0
4+ visits; 1 st trimester37.2%5.027.8%12.2
8+ visits; 1 st trimester57.0%5.441.7%12.5
Egypt1+ (=any ANC)24.8%4.5Maternal weight724.1%5.3
4+ visits; 1 st trimester27.6%4.626.9%4.5
8+ visits; 1 st trimester30.5%4.729.6%5.6
Jordan1+ (=any ANC)9.9%4.4Maternal weight, postnatal information, postnatal complications96.0%6.4
4+ visits; 1 st trimester10.2%4.56.2%6.5
8+ visits; 1 st trimester10.9%4.56.7%6.5
Indonesia1+ (=any ANC)12.0%3.8Maternal weight, delivery location, delivery transportation, delivery assistance, delivery payment, blood donor, maternal height133.3%8.5
4+ visits; 1 st trimester13.9%4.03.9%8.8
8+ visits; 1 st trimester15.5%4.14.6%9.1
Nepal1+ (=any ANC)35.2%4.5Advised to use SBA, intestinal parasites824.2%5.9
4+ visits; 1 st trimester54.0%5.238.5%6.8
8+ visits; 1 st trimester67.1%5.540.0%7.0
Colombia1+ (=any ANC)48.1%5.3Maternal weight, fetal heart rate, fundal height, calcium supplement, folic acid1144.0%10.1
4+ visits; 1 st trimester52.0%5.447.9%10.2
8+ visits; 1 st trimester55.3%5.551.2%10.3
Haiti1+ (=any ANC)43.8%4.9Maternal weight, intestinal parasites, fetal heart rate, fundal height109.0%7.8
4+ visits; 1 st trimester52.8%5.311.2%8.3
8+ visits; 1 st trimester57.0%5.412.5%8.5
  • *Six components routinely measured include: blood pressure measured, urine sample taken, blood sample taken, tetanus protection, iron supplementation and receipt of information on potential complications.

  • †Not estimated in Rwanda due to insufficient sample size.

  • SBA, skilled birth attendant.