Table 2

Comparison of outcomes across strike periods by clinical unit

One-way ANOVATukey HSDEffect size (95 CI)One-way ANOVATukey HSDEffect size (95 CI)
F statisticP valuesQ statP valuesF statisticP valuesQ statP values
(F crit 3.68)(Q crit 3.67)(F crit 3.68)(Q crit 3.67)
Prestrike vs strike6.8<0.012.7 (1.1 to 4.0)Prestrike vs strike7.42<0.013.0 (1.3 to 4.3)
Sick newborn nursery11.80.0008Prestrike vs poststrike0.78NS14.30.003Prestrike vs poststrike2.80NS
Strike vs poststrike3.9<0.051.3(−0.8 to 2.8)Strike vs poststrike2.47NS
Prestrike vs strike8.2<0.013.3 (1.5 to 4.7)Prestrike vs strike0.30NS
Paediatric medical17.70.0001Prestrike vs poststrike0.470.90.910.4Prestrike vs poststrike1.79NS
Strike vs poststrike5.9<0.012.0(−0.3 to 3.6)Strike vs poststrike1.78NS
Prestrike vs strike111.8<0.015.1 (2.8 to 6.8)Prestrike vs strike3.02NS
Paediatric surgical35.4<0.00001Prestrike vs poststrike0.990.753.480.6Prestrike vs poststrike2.73NS
Strike vs poststrike7.0<0.012.8 (0.14 to 4.4)Strike vs poststrike0.40NS
Prestrike vs strike3.40.07Prestrike vs strike2.84NS
Obstetrics*3.90.04Prestrike vs poststrike2. vs poststrike1.07NS
Strike vs poststrike00.9Strike vs poststrike1.38NS
  • *Obstetrics admissions: F crit 5.1, Q crit 4.3.

  • †Calculations for February, the month in which Kijabe Nurses were on strike for 1 week, were done with and without that week and there were no significant changes.

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; HSD, honest significant difference, NS, not significant