Table 2

Percentage of women receiving all six routine and all measured antenatal care (ANC) components, by timing of initiation and number of visits, most recent birth

RegionSub-Saharan AfricaMiddle EastAsiaLatin America and the Caribbean
ANC visits and timing coverage
 % of women receiving any ANC (1+visit)90.0%65.1%99.2%98.6%91.1%99.1%96.9%85.9%96.7%90.1%
 % of women receiving 4+ visits started in first trimester14.9%24.6%38.6%19.9%80.5%89.0%78.9%44.0%76.1%54.4%
% receiving all six components routinely measured, among
 All women in need of ANC19.6%29.9%34.4%30.4%22.6%9.9%11.6%30.3%46.5%39.5%
 All women with any ANC (1+ visit)21.8%45.9%34.6%30.8%24.8%9.9%12.0%35.2%48.1%43.8%
 Women with 1+ visits started in first trimester28.0%51.7%38.1%35.4%27.0%10.1%13.3%44.7%51.5%48.7%
 Women with 4+ visits started in first trimester31.5%54.3%41.3%37.2%27.6%10.2%13.9%54.0%52.0%52.8%
 Women with 8+ visits started in first trimester29.8%62.3%*57.0%30.5%10.9%15.5%67.1%55.3%57.0%
 Number of all components measured98814791381110
% receiving all components measured, among
 All women in need of ANC12.6%6.7%1.9%21.8%22.0%5.9%3.2%20.8%42.5%8.1%
 All women with any ANC (1+ visit)14.0%10.3%1.9%22.2%24.1%6.0%3.3%24.2%44.0%9.0%
 Women with 1+ visits started in first trimester18.9%10.3%2.3%26.4%26.3%6.2%3.7%31.1%47.4%10.2%
 Women with 4+ visits started in first trimester21.4%10.9%2.5%27.8%26.9%5.2%3.9%38.5%47.9%11.2%
 Women with 8+ visits started in first trimester19.5%11.5%*41.7%29.6%6.7%4.6%40.0%51.2%12.5%
Sample sizes
 All women in need of ANC941316 46446057165859949299888291287723920
 All women with any ANC847110 71745697062783648859586250084813533
 Women with 1+ visits started in the first trimester1576284125821756655944687909146465862242
 Women with 4+ visits started in the first trimester1259263317621403630743497566109964571922
 Women with 8+ visits started in the first trimester10316422614744331155171843074610
  • *Not estimated in Rwanda due to insufficient sample size.

  • DRC, Democratic Republic of Congo.