Table 5

Example of integrated bundle of HRM and health systems strategies from Kwahu West district, Ghana

Problem identifiedHR/HS strategies to address the problemActivities
Poor implementation of new vaccine schedule leading to high dropout rate of pneumococcal (46.9%) and rotatix (19.1%) vaccination in the municipalityImprove data management at all levels
Improve supportive supervision to subdistrict
Reward (certificate and material) best performing facilities (drop rate of PCV and ROTA 10% and below)
Train and retrain all staff on new vaccine
Conduct monthly data validation per facility by comparing tally books
Enforce use of separate log books for drop-in and drop-out
Train all staff in logistics management
Obtain standard EPI supportive supervision checklist from DDPH/RHA
Input from subdistrict staff effected and final checklists circulated to all facilities
On-site supportive supervision in general but EPI in particular (two visits per facility per year)
Hold quarterly meetings to review performance and share best practices
Award prize to best performing health facilities
  • DDPH, Deputy Director of Public Health; EPI, Expanded Programme for Immunisation; PCV, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine; RHA,  Regional Health Administration .