Table 2

Results of staff engagement domains for Safety, Communication, Operational Reliability, and Engagement  survey at Pediatric Nephrology Unit/Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala

DomainWhat does it measure?Unit scoresCongruence across roles
Growth opportunitiesHow staff view opportunity to enhance their careerScores were mixed
  • Some favourable responses with career growth

  • Some unfavourable responses towards ability to influence planning of career activities

  • All staff feel they can contribute to something important

Incongruent among roles
  • Nurses and administrative support staff had less favourable views towards growth opportunities

Job certaintyHow staff view job security within institution as well as outside their institutionOverall scores favourable
  • Most staff plan to be working at the same unit next year

Congruent among roles
Intentions to leaveStaff intention to stay in current job or plan to move to another job within short time frameMixed responses
  • Staff may like to find another job

  • Some staff question whether there are other jobs available

  • May reflect lack of job opportunities and need to stay at current job regardless of stressors

Incongruent among roles
  • Nurses having more favourable views towards staying at their current job

Decision-makingHow staff view their ability to influence organisational decision-makingMixed responses
  • Some insufficient involvement in planning and organisational decisions

  • Other staff have favourable views about ability to discuss problems

Incongruent among roles
  • Physicians and clinical support staff having more favourable views than others

AdvancementHow staff view advancement potential within the organisationMixed responses
  • Staff may not feel like there is advancement potential, but they are not intending to leave

Incongruent among roles
  • Clinical-related staff (physicians, nurses, and clinical support) having more favourable views towards educational, promotional and financial advancement opportunities

Workload strainHow staff view the balance of work demand with available resourcesMixed responses
  • Most staff expressing high levels of workload strain in regards to the volume and/or complexity of their work demands

Incongruent among roles
  • Physician, administrative and clinical support staff having unfavourable views

  • For each domain, definition of what the domain measures, survey results for Pediatric Nephrology Unit and congruence across professional roles in the unit. Readers are referred to text for a full description of all information and appropriate references.