Table 5

Cost drivers per Joint External Evaluation thematic areas

Core componentCost drivers
PreventSupport councils and health facilities to conduct fixed, outreach and mobile services
Support provision of personal protective equipment and equipment
Conduct training on linking human and animal health sectors
DetectPotential staff hire for laboratory (veterinary and human laboratories)
Train 200 healthcare workers and 200 allied healthcare workers in 26 regions (specimen referral and transport system)
Orient community healthcare workers in 10 high-risk regions and provide incentives
Train 126 students into masters level in field epidemiology
RespondInclude the EOC facility in the new construction planning of Ministry of Health
Procure eight ambulances to be used to transport highly infectious patients
Procure at least four vans for public address and communication
Other IHR hazards and points of entry (PoE)Identify, construct and equip temporary holding facilities at 12 designated PoE
Procure five ambulances for transportation of ill travellers suspected to harbour infectious diseases at biggest PoEs and 6 vehicles and 20 motorcycles to facilitate central and zonal supportive supervision
  • EOC,¬†Emergency Operation Centre.