Table 2

Average human resource and consumable costs per treated and covered child for each major activity in US dollars

.ActivitiesAverage costs per week per treated childChildren treated (n)Average costs per week per covered childChildren covered (n)
ResearchGovernment programmeResearchGovernment programme
1Survey and identification51.63.83710.3870.02948 634
2Screening and enrolment10.42.93710.0790.02348 634
3Management through cointervention and counselling at time of enrolment1.91.43710.0150.01048 634
Management of regimens during first week of enrolment
4 RUTF-C2.10.91240.0050.00248 634
5 RUTF-L2.91.21240.0070.00348 634
6 A-HPF3.31.51230.0080.00448 634
Per week costs for weeks 2–16 (treatment phase)
7 Diagnosis and treatment for mild illnesses for children with SAM during treatment phase4.12.63710.0310.02048 634
8 Weekly follow-up of child on RUTF-C3.00.61240.0160.00248 634
9 Weekly follow-up of child on RUTF-L3.90.91240.0180.00348 634
10 Weekly follow-up of child on A-HPF3.51.11230.0170.00448 634
  • A-HPF, augmented, energy-dense, home-prepared food; RUTF-C, centrally produced ready-to-use therapeutic food; RUTF-L, locally produced ready-to-use therapeutic food; SAM, severe acute malnutrition.