Table 1

Summary of studies on VAS

Sood et al8MortalityAmong households below the poverty line, the mortality rate from conditions potentially responsive to services covered by the scheme (mostly cardiac conditions and cancer) was 0.32% in households eligible for the scheme compared with 0.90% among ineligible households just south of the eligibility border (difference of 0.58 percentage points, 95% CI 0.40 to 0.75; P<0.001).
Sood et al8Financial well-being60% fewer OOP expenditures for hospitalisations covered by VAS.
Barnes et al13Financial well-beingVAS reduced catastrophic expenditures. At the median, the reduction in OOP was 2879 rupees (US$43) whereas the reduction at the 75th and 95th percentiles was 4484 rupees (US$67) and 23 548 rupees (US$353), respectively.
Sood et al8UtilisationVAS eligible households were over 40% more likely to report a hospitalisation for a condition covered by VAS at a tertiary care facility. Moreover, eligible households were 35% less likely to report unmet need for medical care for a serious illness.
Sood and Wagner10Quality of careVAS eligible respondents reported greater improvements in well-being after hospitalisation.
VAS respondents who were hospitalised reported 88% fewer posthospitalisation infections were 48% less likely to report needing to be rehospitalised after the initial hospitalisation than VAS ineligible respondents who were hospitalised.
Sood et al13Appropriateness of care86.7% of cases were deemed appropriate and only 3.7% of cases were deemed inappropriate.
Sood and Wagner10Seeking care for symptomsVAS eligible respondents were 7% more likely to seek care for symptoms than non-eligible respondents, particularly for cardiac and cancer symptoms.
Basu et al9 Cost-effectivenessAdding tertiary treatment to primary prevention prevented 6.6 million DALYs at an incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of $2241 per DALY averted, when compared with that of primary prevention alone.
  • DALY, disability-adjusted life-year; OOP, out of pocket; VAS, Vajpayee Arogyashree scheme.