Table 1

Characteristics of small island developing states (SIDS)

SIDS by WHO regionLand area (sq. km)Total populationHealth expenditure per capita $Net ODA per capita (current $)Trade in services as % of GDPTop 5 import partners 2014
20132013201320132013n=total number of import partners
Regional officie for the Western Pacific (WPRO)
  Fiji18 270880 48718910346.38n=168, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China, France
  Marshall Islands18052 7866301776South Korea, China, Germany, Turkey and Poland
  Tonga720105 13920476434.55 (2012)n=86, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Japan, Fiji
  Tuvalu3098767042703110.27 (2008)n=28, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, other Asian countries
  Vanuatu12 190253 16512335854.40 (2011)n=99, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Fiji, China
Pan AmericanHealth Organisation
  Bahamas10 010377 841162149.53n=100, USA, Barbados, Trinidad &Tobago, Japan
  Belize22 810344 19326214440.38n=120, USA, Curacao, Mexico, China, Guatemala
  Barbados430282 503100753.36 (2010)n=177, USA, Trinidad & Tobago, China, UK, Suriname
  Cape Verde4030507 25816548056.02n=101, Portugal, The Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, China
  Comoros1861751 6975110927.26 (2009)n=79, UAE, France, Pakistan, China, South Africa
  Guinea-Bissau28 1201 757 13832597.9 (2005)n=24, Senegal, Portugal, Thailand, The Netherlands, France
  Sao Tome and Principe960182 38611028439.21n=63, Portugal, Angola, China, USA, Gabon
  Seychelles45589 90055128373.17 (2008)n=160, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Germany, France
South East Asia Region
  Maldives300393 00072058116.69n=87, UAE, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka
  • Source: The World Bank.30 31

  • AFRO,  r egional office for Africa; GDP, gross domestic product; ODA, overseas development assistance;    PAHO, Pan American Health Organisation; SEAR, South East Asia Region; WPRO, regional office for Western Pacific.