Table 2

Indicators addressing key health system attributes for universal healthcare

Systems required for UHCIndicatorsSource
A strong, efficient, well-run health systemBirths attended by skilled health personnel (%) (2007–2014)
Antenatal care coverage at least four visits (%) (2007–2014)
World health statistics, WHO 201532
A system for financing health servicesHealth expenditure public (as a % of THE) (2003–2013)
OOP health expenditure (as a % of THE) (2003–2013)
World Bank databank, 201630
Access to essential medicines and technologiesDensity of hospitals per 1000 population (2013)
Density of CT units (CTs) per million population (2013)
World health statistics, WHO 2015
A sufficient capacity of well-trained, motivated health workersNumber of physicians per 10 000 population (2007–2013)
Number of nursing and midwifery personnel per 10 000 population (2007–2013)
World health statistics, WHO 2015
  • OOP, out-of-pocket expenditure; THE, total health expenditure; UHC, universal health coverage.