Table 1

The 12 key interventions identified for development of a neonatal care programme

Level of careInterventionDescription of intervention
Level 1 neonatal care1Routine data collection on neonatal admissions
2Regular monthly audit of neonatal admissions, outcomes and mortality
3Maternal education, involvement and empowerment
4Protocols and guidelines to aid neonatal case management
5Staff training in neonatology for all staff involved in neonatal care
6Guidelines and training in the administration of neonatal medications
7Guidelines and training in the administration of neonatal feeds and intravenous fluids
8Dedicated area for neonatal patients and improved infection control policies
9Neonatal follow-up clinic
Level 2 neonatal care10Dedicated neonatal unit with reliable water supply, hand-washing facilities, infection control policies and stable power source
11Investment in appropriate technology for neonatal care
12Dedicated neonatal staff including a paediatrician and neonatal nurses