Table 1

Overview of intervention session topics

1Introducing the programme and defining participant goalsJoint
2Building a positive relationship through spending time togetherJoint
3Praising each otherJoint
4Talking about emotionsSeparate
5What do we do when we are angry?Separate
6Problem-solving: putting out the fireJoint
7Motivation to save and making a budget with our moneyJoint
8Dealing with problems without conflict ISeparate
9Dealing with problems without conflict IISeparate
10Establishing rules and routinesJoint
11Ways to save money and making a family saving planJoint
12Keeping safe in the communityJoint
13Responding to crisisJoint
14Widening circles of supportJoint
  • Joint: caregivers and teens together in the same room. Separate: caregivers and teens in parallel sessions.