Table 2

DWs used in the calculation of DALYs for conditions associated with neonatal sepsis in sub-Saharan Africa.

Disability weightValueSource
DW neonatal sepsis0.613Iran Burden of Disease Study24
DW moderate intellectual and motor delay0.221 (0.141–0.314)WHO Global Burden of Disease 201015
DW cerebral palsy (without intellectual disability)0.170Dutch Burden of Disease Study24 25
DW during acute meningitis (acute PIH)0.894Dutch Burden of Disease Study24 25
  • PIH is associated with preceding episodes of neonatal meningitis and cerebral ventriculitis.20 In order to quantify the damage to quality of life posed by PIH, the disability weight for neonatal meningitis was used

  • *Range gives 95% confidence interval reported in the literature

  • DALY, daily-adjusted life year; DW, disability weight; PIH, postinfectious hydrocephalus.