Table 2

Survey questions with possible responses

QuestionPossible responses
 *In the story, the Syrian girl(s) was/were… 1) Absolutely disrespected and not thought to have any importance in society; 2) respected too much and attributed too much value in society or some combination thereof
 *From your perspective, the Syrian girl (s) in your story was/were… 1) Protected too much; 2) not protected enough or some combination thereof
 The events in the story were…1) Not in the best interest of the family; 2) in the best interest of the family or some combination thereof
 In the story shared, it is more important for Syrian girls to…:1) Adapt to their new circumstances; 2) maintain their Syrian identity or some combination thereof
*The shared story mostly relates to: 1) Education; 2) protection and security; 3) financial resources or some combination thereof
 Thinking about the story shared, what helps support Syrian girls in Lebanon?1) Programmes and services; 2) family and friends; 3) cultural environment and religious values or some combination thereof
*The events in the story happened mostly because of…: 1) Safety; 2) expectations of the community; 3) financial resources or some combination thereof
 Based on the experiences shared, what is needed to improve life for Syrian girls in Lebanon:1) Programmes and services; 2) girls need to be respected; 3) need the basic necessities to survive or some combination thereof
 If the girl in your story had the freedom to choose, in your opinion, what would she prefer to have for her future:1) Marriage and having her own children; 2) financial security; 3) education or some combination thereof
 Y-axis=importance for girls (low to high)
 X-axis=importance for parents (low to high)
1) *Education for girls; 2) *finding a suitable husband; 3) *safety; 4) *maintaining family honour; 5) employment for girls; 6) rights of girls and/or 7) *happiness
 Y-axis=financial security (low to high)
 X-axis=ability to offer protection (low to high)
1) *Sending girls to school regularly; 2) girls getting married; 3) girls joining the workforce and/or 4) girls staying at parents’ home
  • Response was optional for all questions. Data from questions in italics were analysed statistically based on visual inspection of response patterns.

  • *At least one difference in response pattern was statistically significant between participant groups.