Table 5

Details of medicines available at PHCs

S No.Name of the medicineMedicine included in EML, Karnataka (yes/no)*Medicine included in NEML (yes/no)†Availability checked at PHC (yes/no)Number (%) of PHCs this medicine was available in during the visit (n=39)
1Tab atenolol 50 mgYesYesYes24 (61.5%)
2Tab amlodipine besylate 5 mgYesYesYes19 (48.7%)
3Tab metformin 500 mgYesYesYes17 (43.5%)
4Tab glibenclamide 5 mgYesYes2 (5.1%)
5Tab atorvastatin 10 mgYesNoYes2 (5.1%)
6Tab enalapril maleate 10 mgYesYes‡Yes1 (2.5%)
7Tab hydrochlorathiazide 50 mgNoYesYes0
8Tab losartan 50 mgYesNoYes0
9Tab pioglitazone 1 mgYes§NoYes0
10Tab glimepiride 1 mgYesNoYes0
11Tab methyldopa 250 mgYesYesNoNot applicable
12Inj insulin 40 IU/mlYesYesYes1 (2.5%)
13Inj premix (30:70) insulin 40 IU/mlYesYesNoNot applicable
  • *Medicine included in the state essential medicine list 2014–2015.29

  • †Medicine included in the Indian NEML.30

  • ‡NEML includes only 2.5 mg and 5 mg dosage for tablet enalapril maleate.

  • §Tab pioglitazone is included in the state essential medicines list but is supposed to be available only at secondary and tertiary centres.

  • EML, essential medicines list ; PHC, primary health centre.