Table 2

Proportion of respondents with correct knowledge or awareness of HIV-related knowledge indicators in each knowledge domain

Knowledge areaNigerian Demographic and Health Survey HIV-related knowledge questionN correct or N aware
(valid %)
General HIV-related knowledgeHas heard of AIDS* (n=56 285)52 509 (93.3)
A healthy looking person can have HIV (n=52 155)39 470 (81.3)
Knows a place to get HIV testing* (n=52 434)36 136 (68.9)
Knowledge of HIV risk reductionTo reduce the risk of getting HIV: have one sex partner only, who has no other partners (n=52 428)44 817 (85.5)
To reduce the risk of getting HIV: always use condoms during sex (n=52 399)35 353 (67.5)
Knows a source for condoms* (n=56 122)32 471 (57.9)
Knowledge of modes of transmissionCan contract HIV from mosquito bite (n=52 472)36 975 (70.5)
Can contract HIV by sharing food with person who has AIDS (n=52 420)42 620 (81.3)
Can contract HIV by witchcraft or supernatural means (n=52 374)36 328 (69.4)
Knowledge of mother-to-child transmissionHIV can be transmitted during pregnancy (n=52 482)30 673 (58.4)
HIV can be transmitted during delivery (n=52 472)30 547 (58.2)
HIV can be transmitted by breast feeding (n=52 476)36 221 (69.0)
  • *Questions indicating awareness rather than knowledge, and coded accordingly (see Methods section).