Table 1

Package of postpartum interventions in each study district

Study siteSelected interventions
Burkina Faso—Kaya district
  1. Enhance the delivery of immediate PPC in health facilities with focus on the detection and management of postpartum haemorrhage and sepsis and PPFP

  2. Integration of maternal and infant services in the postpartum period

  3. Support mother and infant during the postpartum period through female CHWs conducting home visits, providing individual counselling and group health education on PPC (including FP) and by referring women to the health facility for scheduled PPC consultations and in case of complications

Kenya—Kwale county
  1. Strengthening immediate PPC for mother and newborn by upgrading knowledge and skills of facility and CHWs on detection and management of common maternal and neonatal complications, promotion of exclusive breastfeeding, counselling and provision of FP and by providing postpartum home visits (conducted by CHWs)

  2. Increase knowledge on and uptake of PPFP during the first year after delivery using the dialogue model at community and facility level

Malawi—Ntchisi district
  1. Strengthening clinical management of PPC (using clinical mentorship and quality of care reviews)

  2. Increase utilisation of PPFP by providing counselling at health facility and community levels

  3. Strengthening community PPC management through home visits conducted by CHWs and through the establishment and use of men’s, women’s and youth groups

Mozambique—Chiúta district
  1. Upgrade mother and newborn postpartum risk assessment and management at facility and community level through the use of checklists

  2. Scale up access to and use of PPFP through making immediate postpartum intrauterine devices available

  3. Improve access to and use of maternal PPC and services by integrating maternal PPC in child clinics and outreach activities

  • All districts were assessed (to a greater or lesser extent dependent on the data available) as part of the realist evaluation reported in this paper.

  • CHWs, community health workers; PPFP, postpartum family planning; PPC, postpartum care.