Table 1

Estimated numbers of deliveries at included hospitals and the possible change in primary outcome possible to detect at each hospital (alfa 0.05, beta 0.8).

Wedge 1
(3 months baseline)
Deliveries 2015Estimated number of deliveries before interventionEstimated number of deliveries after intervention
(9 months follow-up)
Change in intrapartum mortality possible to detect given baseline 20/1000
1Western Regional Hospital9427240094008/1000
2Mid-Western Regional Hospital3139750240013/1000
3Bardiya District Hospital1065250800N/A
Wedge 2
(6 months baseline)
4Bharatpur Hospital11 318570085007/1000
5Seti Zonal Hospital5767290039009/1000
6Nuwakot District Hospital1438700110016/1000
Wedge 3
(9 months baseline)
7Koshi Zonal Hospital8355630063007/1000
8Rapti Sub-Regional Hospital32802500250010/1000
9Nawalparasi District Hospital13741000100015/1000
Wedge 4
(12 months baseline)
10Lumbini Zonal Hospital9007900068006/1000
11Bheri Zonal Hospital4276430032008/1000
12Pyuthan District Hospital1194120090015/1000
Total 60 57137 00046 800
  • N/A, not available.