Table 2

Outcome measures

IndicatorStudy design
Primary outcome measures Intrapartum mortality measured as intrapartum stillbirth (death within uterus ≥22 weeks of gestation or birth weight ≥ 500 g) andRegistry data
First-day neonatal mortality (deaths within first 24 hours of birth)Registry data
Secondary outcome measures Early (0–6 days) and late neonatal (7–27 days) in-hospital mortalityRegistry data
Admittance to Sick Newborn Care Units and morbidity epidemiologySick Newborn Surveillance and Registry data
Rate and severity of neonatal encephalopathySick Newborn Surveillance
Health workers’ performance:
  • on fetal surveillance in clinical settings

  • on neonatal resuscitation in simulated and clinical settings

  • on essential newborn care (immediate newborn care, cord care practices, breast feeding, Kangaroo Mother Care, routine assessment of newborn)

  • on infection prevention and management

Clinical Observations, Registry data and Exit interviews
Beneficiaries' satisfaction on the received careExit interviews
Acceptability and adequacy of each implementation strategy componentFocus Group Discussions and In-Depth Interviews
Perceptions and attitudes of perinatal care practices among health workers and familiesFocus Group Discussions and In-Depth Interviews
Cost-effectiveness of the interventionResearch administration records