Table 4

Advice giving by chain and independent pharmacies

CaseAdviceChain (n=103)
% (95% CI)
Independent (n=230)
% (95% CI)
p Value*
Suspected TBTreatment available free of charge from government hospital1.0 (0.1 to 6.7)1.7 (0.7 to 4.6)p=0.594
DiarrhoeaAdvised to visit doctor if any warning signs†1.0 (0.1 to 6.7)0.9 (0.2 to 3.4)p=0.928
Explained importance of giving extra fluids00.5 (0.1 to 3.1)p=0.503
Gave advice regarding diet1.0 (0.1 to 6.7)1.8 (0.7 to 4.6)p=0.594
Chain (n=9)Independent (n=20)
Explain how to make up and use ORS? (of those providing)55.6 (22.5 to 84.3)10.0 (2.3 to 34.7)p=0.008*
  • *Estimated by Pearson’s χ2 test.

  • †This indicator excludes pharmacies that referred the patient to a medical practitioner as an initial course of action (see figure 2 for these data).

  • ORS, oral rehydration salts.