Table 3

Probabilistic results: cost-effectiveness (C-E) analysis of management of 100 VL suspects (L-AmB at market price)

Strategy (diagnosis +treatment)Cost per 100 suspect VL cases (US$)Effectiveness (E) per 100 suspect VL casesC/E ratioIncremental C/E (ICER)
Cost (C)±SEIncremental costDeaths±SEDeaths averted
D (RDT + SB)66 467.35±1088.615.01±0.03669.70
A (BM + SB)*76 736.47±1197.6610 269.125.22±0.03−0.21809.61Dominated
F (RDT + 2-day L-AmB)82 478.82±394.815742.340.29±0.004.93827.171165.00
C (BM + 2-day L-AmB)92 854.82±556.8410 376.000.39±0.00−0.10932.21Dominated
E (RDT + 6-day L-AmB)120 740.81±592.4727 885.991.10±0.01−0.701220.80Dominated
B (BM + 6-day L-AmB)131 035.37±719.9010 294.561.29±0.01−0.191327.48Dominated
  • *Current practices in Morocco.

  • Note: Strategies sorted by cost. Each strategy is compared with the one immediately above.

  • BM, bone marrow; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; L-AmB,liposomal amphotericin B; RDT,rapid diagnostic test; SB: meglumine antimoniate; VL, visceral leishmaniasis.