Table 2

Estimated coefficients of per capita fund from donors in additionality analysis (data sources: DHSST)

Multilevel random effects Fixed effects
Log (per capita funds from government)Coefficients (SE)Coefficients (SE)
Assuming aid effects in the same year
 Log (per capita funds from donors)0.13*** (0.033)0.14*** (0.041)
Assuming aid with 1-year lagged effects
 Log (per capita funds from)_Lagged−0.002 (0.03)−0.07 (0.05)
  • ***Statistically significant at the 0.01 level.

  • †Clustering effects at the health centre and district levels.

  • ‡Fixed effects at the health centre level.

  • DHSST, District Health System Strengthening Tool.