Table 3

Trends in HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis performance indicators in Ethiopia, 1990–2015

HIV prevalence among pregnant women aged 15–24 (%)
Condom use at last high-risk sex among men aged 15–24 (%)305047.245.5
Proportion of population aged 15–24 years with comprehensive knowledge of HIV/AIDS (%)15242830
Number of orphans due to AIDS550 016535 000439 637344 273
Percentage of people living with HIV/AIDS receiving antiretroviral therapy<1<12954.3
Incidence rates associated with malaria per 100 000 population77003854245223201540
Death rates associated with malaria per 100 000 population5432181610
Proportion of children under five sleeping under insecticide-treated bed nets (%)<1160.264.570
Proportion of children under five with fever who are treated with appropriate antimalarial drugs (%)3344
Incidence rates associated with tuberculosis per 100 000 populations421370364349192
Death rates associated with tuberculosis per 100 000 populations8956544525
Proportion of tuberculosis cases detected (%)36304267.3
Proportion of tuberculosis cases cured under directly observed treatment short course (%)63616578