Table 3

Odds of mortality in the matched cohort by mechanism of injury*

nOR95% CI
FallUS male3351
US female33690.36(0.33 to 0.39)
Indian male28773.68(3.21 to 4.22)
Indian female9962.56(1.98 to 3.32)
MVCUS male2100
US female13611.05(0.88 to 1.25)
Indian male39786.97(5.88 to 8.26)
Indian female8695.23(3.88 to 7.05)
AssaultUS male1031
US female2310.13(0.01 to 1.10)
Indian male7456.06(3.09 to 11.85)
Indian female965.26(1.17 to 23.71)
  • *Reference category for OR is US male.

  • MVC, motor vehicle collision.