Table 4

Prolonged effect on biomedical outcomes at 6 months after parasite clearance*

Summary statistics
N (%)/mean (SD)
Non-intervention schools
(did not participate in the trial)
Intervention schools
(enrolled in trial 2010–2011)
P value
Biomedical outcomes in May 2012:
 Anaemia49.2% (123/250)35.8% (87/243)0.126
 Mean Hb, g/L114.46 (13.48)118.84 (12.49)0.109
Plasmodium infection:
 Trophozoites, all species74.8% (187/250)9.1% (22/243)<0.0001
 Gametocytes, all species9.6% (24/250)0.8% (2/243)
  • *Data from a cross-sectional survey at the end of the dry season of 493 children in random subsample of five intervention schools compared with children enrolled in five schools with no prior involvement in the study (50 children per school). Data are mean (SD), or % (n/N), unless specified otherwise.