Table 4

Primary outcomes for standardised patient cases by sector

Overall meanPublic meanPrivate meanPrivate–public difference (t-test)Private–public difference (OR)
Preferred management
Asthma: inhaler or bronchodilator0.810.790.820.041.25
Child diarrhoea: ORS0.730.620.780.162.19
Unstable angina: referral, ECG or aspirin0.100.140.07−0.070.46
Tuberculosis: sputum test0.500.790.36−0.43***0.15**
Basic statistics
Time waiting in clinic (min)49.1294.7026.53−68.19***
Time with provider (min)***
Total price (KSh)425.10141.54563.05426.66***
Referred (non-diarrhoea)
Any medication0.710.650.740.091.60
Number of medications1.771.601.860.26
Number of observations16655111
  • Data are means (SEs) or estimated coefficients (SEs). Preferred case management is defined as the use of an inhaler or bronchodilator for the asthma case, ORS for the child diarrhoea case, a sputum test for the tuberculosis suspect, and a referral, ECG or aspirin for the unstable angina case. Control indicator variables are included for each case. Price includes all testing and medications recommended by the provider.

  • Asterisks indicate significance levels as follows: ***p<0.01, **p<0.05, *p<0.1.

  • ORS, oral rehydration salts.