Table 3

Logistic regression analysis of factors associated with catastrophic out-of-pocket payments for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in general and specialised cardiac hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2015

CovariatesOR95% CIp Value
Income quintilesQ158.616.52 to 208.00.00
Q239.011.87 to 128.240.00
Q320.96.97 to 62.920.00
Q46.92.4 to 19.990.00
ResidenceAddis Ababa1
Outside Addis Ababa3.251.79 to 5.900.00
Type of hospital visitedPublic1
Private20.7110.21 to 42.050.00
Received inpatient care for CVD over the past 12 monthsNo1
Yes8.394.24 to 16.590.00
Diagnosis*IHD1.150.65 to 2.060.63
Stroke4.101.82 to 9.180.01
Hypertension or Dyslipidaemia1
Household sizeHousehold size1.201.06 to 1.360.04
Age of participantsPatient’s age1.000.98 to 1.020.02
Duration since diagnosedDuration since diagnosed0.990.98 to 0.990.05
Occupation of participantsEmployed1.070.44 to 2.580.88
Private business0.910.38 to 2.170.84
Housewife/househusband1.340.67 to 2.650.41
Others1.230.36 to 4.140.73
  • *IHD stands for ischaemic heart disease, Q1 for poorest quintile and Q5 stands for richest quintile. †Includes government and private employees.

  • CVD, cardiovascular disease.