Table 1

Data obtained per indicator including total

DefinitionCountries with primary data available from LCoGS report (April 2015)No. of countries with new or updated primary data obtained
Total no. of countries with indicator data (modelled or primary data) (April 2016)
Indicator 1: Access to timely surgeryProportion of a population that can access within 2 hours a facility that can do caesarean delivery, laparotomy and treatment of open fracture (the Bellwether Procedures)01414
Indicator 2: Specialist surgical workforce density5No of specialist surgical, anaesthetic and obstetric physicians who are working, per 100 000 population167564176
Indicator 3: Surgical volumeProcedures done in an operating theatre, per 100 000 population per year66633184
Indicator 4: Perioperative mortalityAll-cause death rate before discharge in patients who have undergone a procedure in an operating theatre, divided by the total no of procedures, presented as a percentage01616
Indicators 5 and 6: Protection against impoverishing and catastrophic expenditureProportion of households protected against impoverishment and catastrophic expenditure from direct out-of-pocket payments for surgical and anaesthesia care1861212186