Table 1

Characteristics of earned media (print news items) related to The Union-Bloomberg Initiative tobacco control project activities which appeared in newspapers across Himachal Pradesh, India, from Jul 2007 to Dec 2014

Type of news item
 Press release381760
 Feature article2394
 A column1032
MPOWER focus area
Focus on institutional system for tobacco control
 Sensitisation/advocacy of politico-administrative leadership159925
 IEC/awareness generation216934
 Legislation mechanism and enforcement314450
 Stakeholders’ engagements254240
 Capacity building of stakeholders247539
Intent of the news item
Type of tobacco
 Smoke less4798
Age/gender focus
  • *Opposite editorial.

  • IEC, information education and communication; MPOWER, Monitoring Tobacco Use, Protecting People From Tobacco Smoke, Offering Help To Quit, Warning About Dangers Of Tobacco, Enforcing A Ban On Tobacco Advertising And Promotion, Raising Tax On Tobacco Products.