Table 5

Multiple logistic regression model for risk factors associated with psychological distress as measured by Kessler-6 score 13 or more among non-domestic migrant workers*

VariableCoefficient (β)SEp ValueOR (95% CI)
Nationality (Bangladeshi†)1.090.320.0013.0 (1.6 to 5.6)
Financial barriers reported‡1.350.28<0.00013.9 (2.3 to 6.6)
  • *Variables included in backward stepwise logistic regression analysis: age, nationality, unemployed status, basic monthly salary, amount of agent fees paid, type of entry visa, financial barriers. This model was well fitted with a Hosmer–Lemeshow statistic of 0.97.

  • †Bangladeshi versus non-Bangladeshi (reference group).

  • ‡Respondents who answered ‘yes’ to the following questions: During your time in Singapore, was there any time when, because of cost (a) you did not seek medical care; (b) needed prescription medications but did not get them or (c) needed specialist care but did not do so?