TableĀ 1

DHS leadership competencies23

1. People management and empowermentMust be able to manage and encourage people, optimise their outputs and effectively manage relationships in order to achieve organisational goals
2. Problem solving and analysisMust be able to systematically identify, analyse and resolve existing and anticipated problems in order to reach optimum solutions
3. Programme and project managementMust be able to plan, manage, monitor and evaluate specific activities in order to deliver the desired outputs
4. Knowledge managementMust be able to promote the generation and sharing of new knowledge and learning in order to enhance the collective knowledge of an organisation
5. Strategic capability and leadershipMust be able to provide a vision, set the direction for the organisation and inspire others in order to deliver on the organisational mandate
6. CommunicationMust be able to exchange information and ideas in a clear and concise manner appropriate for the audience in order to explain, persuade, convince and influence others to achieve the desired outcome
7. Financial managementMust be able to compile and manage budgets, control cash flow, institute risk management and administer tender procurement processes in accordance with generally recognised financial practices in order to ensure achievement of strategic organisational objectives
8. Change managementMust be able to initiate and support organisational transformation and change in order to implement new initiatives successfully and deliver on service delivery commitments
9. Service delivery innovationMust be able to explore and implement new ways of delivering services that contribute to the improvement of organisational processes to achieve organisational goals
10. Client orientation and customer focusMust be willing and able to deliver services effectively and efficiently in order to put the spirit of customer service into practice
11. Honesty and integrityMust be able to display and build the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct in order to promote confidence and trust in the public service