Table 2

Sample characteristics, by diagnosis

PneumoniaSevere pneumonia with inpatient careDiarrhoeaSevere diarrhoea with inpatient care
No. of observations303 (44%)42 (6%)309 (45%)32 (5%)
Mean age in years (95% CI)1.7 (1.5–1.8)1.6 (1.0–2.1)1.8 (1.7–2.0)1.8 (1.3–2.4)
Sex distribution (% female)48%31%51%65%
Mean days of hospitalisation43
Percentage of rural residents37%44%41%38%
Mean family size4.8954.824.88
Respondent (mother)77%44%79%50%
Respondent (father)20%56%20%50%
Mean age of the respondent in years (95% CI)30 (30–31)32 (29–35)30 (29–31)34.7 (30–39)
Respondents education (% with some secondary education)34%33%29%33%
Respondent's employment status (% in full time work)38%55%37%46%
Respondent's employment status (housewife)50%33%51%38%
Time spent by the respondent in relation to facility visit (hours)896678