Table 1

Focus group discussions: numbers, participants, recruitment, stratification and exclusion criteria

DSVHealth workerDrug shop client
Number of FGDs in the RDT arm454
Number of FGDs in the presumptive arm332
Total FGDs786
Total FGD participants547154
Recruitment methodFrom project recordsFrom visits to the health facilitiesFrom project records
StratificationBy arm and frequency of referralBy arm and level of health facilityBy referral for carers (for children) or adult seeking care for febrile illness; or those who had visited a shop for care for febrile illness
Exclusion criteriaThose who had worked in the area for <6 monthsThose who had worked in the area for <6 monthsThose who had not visited a drug shop in the past 6 months, children under the age of 18
  • DSV, drug shop vendor; FGD, focus group discussion; RDT, rapid diagnostic test.