Table 2

Characteristics of drug shop clients followed up and interviewed at home 4 days after the drug shop visit

Clients who visited drug shops in the presumptive arm N=251Clients who visited drug shops in the RDT arm N=253
nPer centnPer cent
Age of client (years)
Sex of participant
Role of respondent
 Client (18+)4517.95923.3
 Head of household197.6228.7
 Other guardian/carer*3012.03112.3
Reported symptom(s)
 Cough or influenza9337.09035.7
Went elsewhere before this DSV
 Did not report anything41.6114.3
Purchased an mRDT
  • *Where the adult patient or carer of the sick child was not available for interview, and the household head identified themselves as sufficiently knowledgeable about the illness episode to be able to answer questions about it.

  • DSV, drug shop vendor; mRDT, rapid diagnostic test for malaria; RDT, rapid diagnostic test.