TableĀ 2

Key IPC challenges and solutions outlined by workshop participants in action plans

ProblemPotential solutionFrequency, n=8 (%)
Lack plan and physical materials for screening boothBuild screening materials or booth7 (88)
Lack plan/materials for deliveriesProcure elbow gloves, delivery aprons, etc4 (50)
No latrines for suspect casesBuild a dedicated latrine4 (50)
Routine care requires contactObtain an electronic blood pressure machine4 (50)
Community members do not understand rationale for IPCIncrease community sensitisation on IPC and handwashing3 (38)
Handwashing among staff and patients is poorReinforce handwashing through signage; increase soap supply3 (38)
Lack a working incineratorBuild an incinerator or burning pit3 (38)
Lack an isolation areaBuild an isolation area3 (38)
Lack fencing for facilityPut in fencing3 (38)
Water supply is inconsistentIncrease the supply of water3 (38)
Need to reinforce supervision, training or mentorship for IPCImplement IPC supervision or peer mentoring2 (25)
Lack space for women postdeliveryObtain mattresses for postnatal care2 (25)
Concerned PPE will run outEnsure additional PPE is available1 (13)
Electricity is inconsistentAddress generator problems1 (13)
Lack safe area for PPE removalMake space for a PPE removal area1 (13)
  • HCW, healthcare worker; IPC, infection prevention and control; PPE, personal protective equipment.