Table 1

Demographic characteristics of interviewed Ebola survivors, Sierra Leone, April–May 2015 (N=28)

Total (#)
Location of interview
 Western Urban4
 Western Rural4
 Port Loko4
Age, years
Marital status (at time of interview)
 Married or with a partner9
Number of months since release from ETUs (months)
Location at time of illness
 Same district as where interview was conducted25
 Different district as where interview was conducted3
 Education level
 No formal education7
 Some primary school3
 Completed primary school2
 Completed Junior secondary school8
 Completed Senior secondary school4
 Completed post-secondary education or training4
Employment at time of interview
 Private business1
 Petty Trader3
 Motorcycle taxi driver1
 Medical or health professional4
 Other government employee2