Table 1

Participant characteristics

Patient numberGender, AgeAetiology of heart failureNYHA classT1T2T3Duration in study (months)Alive or dead at end of studyBereavement interviews
1Female, 57Hypertensive heart diseaseIIIPPP6Alive
2Female, 35Hypertensive heart diseaseIVPPP&C6Alive
3Male, 65Dilated cardiomyopathyIVPPP6Alive
4Male, 75Right-sided heart failure (from COPD)IIIP&CP&CP&C6Alive
5Male, 31Right-sided heart failure (from pulmonary fibrosis)IVPPP6Alive
6Female, 60Hypertensive heart diseaseIVP&C2Dead
7Male, 50Dilated cardiomyopathyIIIPPP6Alive
8Female, 50Hypertensive heart diseaseIIIPP&CP6Alive
9Male, 38Hypertensive heart diseaseIIIPUntraceable1Not known
10Male, 45Right-sided heart failure (from COPD)IVPP5DeadX—carer lived beyond 35 km from recruiting hospital
11Female, 50Hypertensive heart diseaseIIIPPP6Alive
12Female, 19Extra pulmonary tuberculosisIVPPP6Alive
13Male, 60Hypertensive heart diseaseIIIP&CPP6Alive
14Female, 60Hypertensive heart diseaseIVP&C1Dead
15Female, 31Dilated cardiomyopathyIIIPUntraceable1Not known
16Female, 33Hypertensive heart diseaseIIIPPP6Alive
17Female, 50Hypertensive heart diseaseIIIPPUntraceable5Not known
18Male, 36Right-sided heart failure (from COPD)IVPUntraceable1Not known
  • †Death.

  • C, Carer; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; NYHA, New York Heart Association; P, Patient; T1, 1st interview; T2, 2nd interview; T3, 3rd interview.