Table 2

Quantity of medicine supplied per user (scenarios 1 and 2) for a 90-day period

MedicationSupplied asQuantity required per userCost, US$
Amlodipine5 mg90 tablets0.006/tablet
Aspirin81 mg (75–100 mg)90 tablets0.0089/tablet
Atenolol50 mg90 tablets0.0039/tablet
Beclomethasone100 doses of 100 mcg2 inhalers (2 times a day)4.80/inhaler
Dextrose 50%50 mL ampoules2 ampoules0.675/ampoule
Enalapril (heart failure)5 mg360 tablets0.0329/tablet
Enalapril (all else)5 mg180 tablets0.0329/tablet
Furosemide20 mg360 tablets0.0022/tablet
Glibenclamide2.5 mg90 tablets0.0035/tablet
Glyceryl trinitrate0.3 mg15 tablets (5 tablets×3 days)0.047/tablet
Heparin (10 000 U/mL)50 000 U phials2 phials (12 500 U SC q12 hours×3 days)1.99/phial
Hydralazine20 mg in 1 mL phials4 phials20.13/phial
Hydrochlorothiazide12.5 mg90 tablets0.0026/tablet
Insulin 30/70 (adult DM)10 mL of 100 U/mL2 phials (average of 60 U/days)2.40 per phial
Insulin 30/70 (child DM)10 mL of 100 U/mL2 phials (average of 20 U/days)2.40/phial
Metformin500 mg270 tablets0.007/tablet
Prednisone (adult asthma)10 mg15 tablets (3 tablets×5 days)0.0206/tablet
Prednisone (child asthma)10 mg6 tablets (3 tablets×2 days)0.0206/tablet
Prednisone (COPD)10 mg21 tablets (3 tablets×7 days)0.0206/tablet
Salbutamol (asthma)200 doses of 100 μg per inhaler1 inhaler (2 times a day)3.32/inhaler
Salbutamol (COPD)200 doses of 100 μg per inhaler3 inhalers (6 doses per day)3.32/inhaler
Simvastatin20 mg90 tablets0.0168/tablet
  • DM, diabetes mellitus; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.