Table 5

Comparison of private-sector consumer prices of insulin to the public-sector procurement prices in Delhi state, India (adjusted to cost to 10 mL 100 IU/mL)

Insulin typeStrength
(IU/mL) (1)
Median consumer price (US$) per 10 mL 100 IU/mL insulin
Public-sector procurement price (US$) per 10 mL 100 IU/mL insulin
Price ratio: consumer price/public-sector procurement price*
Human insulin
Soluble insulin405.7 (n=26)2.42.39
10011.2 (n=5)2.42.62
Isophane insulin405.7 (n=13)2.42.39
10011.2 (n=3)2.42.62
Biphasic isophane insulin: 30% soluble insulin 70% isophane insulin405.7 (n=49)2.42.36
10011.2 (n=26)2.43.63
Biphasic isophane insulin: 50% soluble insulin 50% isophane insulin405.7 (n=10)2.12.72
10011.7 (n=2)2.15.65
Analogue insulin
Insulin lispro10025.3 (n=4)14.81.60
Insulin lispro biphasic injection: 25% insulin lispro 75% lispro protamine10025.0 (n=5)4.75.32
Median (minimum, maximum) 2.62 (1.60, 5.65)
  • *A positive integer price ratio of ‘x’ would mean that the consumer prices were ‘x’ times higher than the procurement prices. This analysis includes only those survey insulin products for which respective public-sector (Delhi Government, Municipal Corporation of Delhi and/or Central Government) insulin procurement prices were available. ‘n’ refers to the number of insulin prices available to calculate median insulin consumer price. See online supplementary appendix webtable 2 for details on public-sector insulin procurement prices.