Table 1

Insulin product classification based on where insulin is manufactured and place of corporate headquarters

Entity for whom insulin is made (by corporate headquarters)
Place of manufactureIndian (eg, Biocon, Wockhardt, Lupin)Foreign (eg, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi Aventis)
IndiaDomestically manufactured, for Indian company (n=16)Domestically manufactured, for foreign company (n=87)
Human insulin=100.0%Human insulin=100.0%
Insulin analogues=0.0%Insulin analogues=0.0%
OverseasImported, for Indian company (n=2)Imported, for foreign company (n=69)
Human insulin=0.0%Human insulin=44.9%
Insulin analogues=100.0%Insulin analogues=55.1%
  • Numbers ‘n’ in parentheses are the number of all products, irrespective of dosage strength and delivery vehicle, found for a particular classification (eg, 87 insulins—including duplicates—made in India for a foreign company).

  • Percentages are the fraction of products in any classification relegated to human and analogue insulins (eg, all 103 insulins (16+87)—including duplicates—made in India for Indian and foreign companies were human, not analogue insulin).