Table 2

Expected costs, days of life gained, and incremental cost-effectiveness of screening for cough followed by triage testing for tuberculosis, per patient presenting with prolonged cough to a healthcare facility in Uganda

StrategyAverage cost (2014 US$)Incremental cost (2014 US$)Average years of life livedIncremental days of life gainedICER (US$/YLG)Uncertainty range
Standard of careUS$18.2317.417
CRPUS$24.30US$6.0717.4273.7 daysUS$588US$221–US$1746
CXRUS$24.52US$6.2917.4273.7 daysUS$610US$200–US$1859
  • Incremental effectiveness and cost-effectiveness for both CRP and CXR are presented relative to the standard of care scenario.

  • CRP, C reactive protein; CXR, chest X-ray; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; YLG, year of life gained.